It is popular from many as a bar that adheres to Esaka

Dining bar for sake and wine

As a bar in Esaka, MARU is well-received by local customers, and it is well-received when you can taste a wide variety of liquors such as a special wine and sake as well as delicious Italian and smoked dishes.
The appetizers offered by a 10-year-old Italian cook can also be modified to suit your taste preferences. We have sincere business to satisfy our customers with various needs, from banquets such as company's year-end party and New Year's party, second party of wedding, to a spacious meal for one person, so feel free to feel free Please visit us.

Lunch menu offered at Esaka Bar

We offer dishes from Italian to Spanish, French etc.


List of menu provided by Esaka Bar

Feel free to enjoy Italian and BBQ


Please see the drink menu such as wine and sake

We have a selection of drinks that match Italian


Please visit the access information if you visit


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Street address

23-5 Kurose Building 1F, Toyotsucho, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture

phone number
business hours

11:30 to 23:00

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Fixed holiday


If you are considering Esaka's Bar, you can enjoy delicious smoked sake and sakes from all over the country. We introduce access method with detailed store information on homepage. We will be at your service to ensure that you enjoy your meal to the fullest, so please feel free to use it if you want to taste delicious food and liquor.

About us

Baru closely attached to Esaka can enjoy Italian in a large store

Please use the store where you can taste food and wine if you are at Bar in Esaka

As a dining bar, the restaurant that offers delicious food and liquor is popular with local customers if you can taste the dishes prepared by a chef who has been training Italian cuisine for 10 years and the liquors from across the country. Italian dishes such as appetizers and pasta, as well as savory smoked dishes made with home-made smoking are popular, so please be sure to try the menu you can recommend with confidence. There is an extensive menu using seafood, and if you want to enjoy various tastes, you can also prepare a course menu and enjoy various tastes.
The restaurant has a spacious space, you can choose a table seat and counter seat, and you can spend a relaxing time at your favorite seat, so it's a great place for a date. We also strive to improve our service daily so that we can cater to the needs that our customers use, such as taking a chartered business, in a space that is comfortable for our customers and enjoying delicious food without hesitation. If you are interested in the menu or service, we will look forward to your visit, so please make a reservation on the phone and take a walk.

The bar in Esaka is chosen by customers as a banquet venue

The area-friendly dining bar is a store where office workers returning home from work can feel free to drop by, and there are many customers who drink a drink before dinner or before dinner. The store is designed to create a calm atmosphere, and the spacious space is expanded, and it is popular that you can taste the food and drink slowly at the table seat and counter seat and your favorite place. The restaurant's restaurant is very popular with couples, women's groups and other female customers, and while enjoying authentic Italian cuisine, we are pleased to hear that you have a good time.
The location close to the station is often chosen as a banquet place, as it is also the best store where many customers gather. We have a wide selection of wines and sakes and enjoy your favorite taste, so we will see your smile. If you use it for a large number of people, it is possible to take a chartered business if you can consult at the time of booking. We are looking forward to serving you in a restaurant that caters to Italian needs, so please make a reservation and make sure to visit us.